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time:2017/5/12 11:27:19
Q:I have no idea of how to install and use this lock, what should I do?
A:first you need to hire a lock smith. The lock smith will read the installation diagram and dig holes in the door; Second, you need to install the Pro usb
hotel card system in the computer (only supports  windows operation system).Then read the user manual to operate the software step by step.

Q:Can our hotel doors be installed with your electronic hotel door locks?
A:If the doors meet the requests here, locks can be installed:
1. Door thickness 35-55mm(1.38-2.17inch)(if your door is thicker or thiner, please tell use before order,we will make the lock accordingly)
2. Door stile thickness over 120mm(4.72inch)
3. Wood door or steel door all ok
Q:What to do if customer lose their cards? Can the locks be unlocked if it’s found by another person?
A:If customer lost their cards, please make sure which room he stays-enter into the software-find the room-issue a new guest card(choose the option of “new
check-in & cover cards before”). Use the new guest card to swipe the lock. Then the new guest is made successfully and the lost card can’t be used anymore
Q:My computer operation system is reinstalled, I can’t find the software, what should I do?
A: From the time you installed the locks. Software auto creates a folder in Local Disk-Folder( hotel lock).All the software data will be kept as backup in this folder. After you reinstall the software, you can lead-in the backup data, then all data returns.
Q: Our Hotel has an entrance door, we require only the guests with card can open; Similarly, each floor has a communal door, we require only the same floor
guest card can open, does your door lock has such function?
A: Yes. But you need to explain to us before order, we will made as request
Q: Our hotel's door is opened with mechanical keys, and now we want to replace by your hotel door locks, how will this be done?
A:First, send us photos and locks of the door, we will recommend the appropriate style accordingly; For example, the door is anti-theft style, we would

recommend the hotel smart door lock security door that suitable for anti-theft door. You do not need to worry.
Q: We are using a very old hotel door locks, and now want to use your company's door lock, how do we do it?
A:First take photos of the door and lock to us, we will analyze the technical condition of the old locks and recommend appropriate style, try to avoid re-

digging holes in the door ,help you save costs
Q: We are a large hotel, using the OPERA hotel management system, sauna, swimming pool, coffee shop are all integrated into this system, can your locks be

integrated in?
A:Yes, we provide SDK interface functions, OPERA  engineer will make our software integrated into the system